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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.

Off to Rotterdam, Dammit!

The train station in Haarlem was beautiful, with mosaics that looked almost socialist. There was some confusion in the Haarlem ticket office about how my Eurail pass worked. I had to run back and forth between the office and the … Continue reading

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I amsterdam: Touristing in the City

On Sunday I wasn’t planning on doing too much, but the sun was out for the first time since I arrived and I couldn’t waste it. We take our sunshine for granted in Southern California. I decided to take a … Continue reading

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I amsterdam: Just Hangin’ in Haarlem

I wanted to stay local and do some laundry on Saturday, so I found a laundromat and stuffed my clothes in the reusable grocery bag I had bought at the market. If you ever do want to “blend in” with … Continue reading

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I amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum

Mechanical flowers installation at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from Studio Drift After Banksy, I went to check out the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s modern art museum. As pretty as they are, I did not fall down these stairs. They are featuring an … Continue reading

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I amsterdam: A Day at the Museums

Friday was a cloudy day, and after another breakfast of eggs benedict I headed to the museums. I took the city bus, and the driver yelled at me for not understanding that you need a special card to wave in … Continue reading

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I amsterdam: Arrival in Haarlem

I checked into my hotel in Harlaam, Carlton Square Hotel, late Wednesday night. The hotel is nicer and more boutiquey than I could tell from the website. The bed is so soft and cozy and the bathtub is huge. The hotel is … Continue reading

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Freak Valley Fest in Germany: Another European Adventure Begins

After visiting Italy last year, I figured it would be years before I had another opportunity to travel. It’s really expensive. But then Bob’s band got scheduled to play a festival in the western part of Germany and built a … Continue reading

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Arrivederci Roma! Trastavere

My friends recommended the Trastevere neighborhood, so I got a room there for my last night in Rome. They loved the area and wanted to move there. I could instantly see why. It was the first place I visited where the … Continue reading

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Italy: Pompeii Where is All the Porn?

When Pompeii was first being excavated, one of the scientists noticed that some of the earth was soft, like ashes. On a hunch he poured plaster into those spots and they came out people-shaped. Much later after X-rays came into … Continue reading

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Italy – Pompeii: Non Me Toca!

Sometime in the early 90s i had to write an essay about pornography, so i wrote about Pompeii. Ever since, I have wanted to visit these historic ruins. Since I wasn’t into the guided tour of the Vatican, i decided … Continue reading

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Italy: She’s Gone to Capri and She’s Not Coming Back

When I was little, there was an ad for Capri Cigarettes showing an elegant woman on a balcony smoking and staring off into the distance with the tagline, “She’s gone to Capri and she’s not coming back.” That ad enchanted … Continue reading

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Italy: Parco de Principi Design Hotel in Sorrento

Remember when I said I had excellent luck with hotels? The hotel in Sorrento was a fantasy, like when you see those gorgeous pictures in magazines while at your desk job and think, “Someday…” My someday was now. First of … Continue reading

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Italy: Roving Around Venice

There were some things I had thought I might do in Venice — go the Peggy Gugganheim Museum of Modern Art or hit one of the tours to the smaller islands like Murano or Burano, but it isn’t the kind of … Continue reading

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Italy: Venetian Bucket List

I had two bucket list items for Italy. One of them was drinking a bellini at Harry’s Bar, where they invented bellinis. I’m not really drinking much these days, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I imagine none of you … Continue reading

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Italy: Gondola Gondola Gondola

As you cross the bridges in Venice gondoliers lean against the rails and sing out “Gondola Gondola Gondola” like barkers. I was just kind of wandering around and found a little hole-in-the-wall tucked in beside a bridge called Trattoria alla … Continue reading

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