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Treat Your Mama Right

Just like an anniversary or a partner’s birthday, Mother’s day can sneak up on you. But you aren’t doomed to just buying a sad bouquet on the freeway offramp. Kiki is here to help with some ways to give your mother what … Continue reading

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Why you Gotta Hate on Green Bean Casserole?

It is a strange thing being on Betty Crocker’s email list. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse. I don’t mean to be a food snob — I have eaten my share of mayonnaise, Top Ramen, and instant cake mix. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is Easy!

Remember that tear-jerking story-song, Rocky? She said, “Rocky, I never cooked Thanksgiving before, don’t know if I can do it… but if you’ll let me lean on you, and take my hand, I might get through it…” Thanksgiving is actually … Continue reading

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Forget Peking Duck – Get a Whole Peking Turkey!

The United States is often described as a melting pot, and Thanksgiving is representative of our diversity. We have Southwestern turkeys, Cajun deep-fried turkey and turkey mole with chorizo stuffing. This year, Chinatown is all over Thanksgiving. Restaurants are offering … Continue reading

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Dia de los Muertos at Olvera Street

Every year the Merchants Association of Olvera Street holds one of the most authentic and religious Dia de lose Muertos celebrations in Los Angeles. With the blessings, altars, incense, dancing and rituals, you can truly see the marriage of paganism … Continue reading

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My Scary Neighbor

I live near the studios, which means we have some really intense Halloween decorations and haunted houses. This guy is back after a 2-year hiatus while they have been completely gutting his house. Beware, some of the pictures are pretty … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest at Rush Street

I grew up near Alpine Village where Oktoberfest is a big deal and frankly, kind of scary. But when Rush Street invited me to their Oktoberfest, I couldn’t accept fast enough. I love Rush Street and there was no chance … Continue reading

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Preparing an Altar for Dia de Los Muertos

November 1st and 2nd are the days set aside to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Originally celebrated in Mexico, it is becoming increasingly common in Los Angeles. The origins of Dia de los Muertos have been traced back as far … Continue reading

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