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Italy: Gondola Gondola Gondola

you cross the bridges in Venice gondoliers lean against the rails and sing out “Gondola Gondola Gondola” like barkers. I was just kind of wandering around and found a little hole-in-the-wall tucked in beside a bridge called Trattoria alla Rivetta. … Continue reading

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Chicken in a Can

We eat chicken in a can, just like tuna, but for some reason I found this can really disturbing. ONE WHOLE chicken. Do you open it up and pull out a whole chicken? If it said entire chicken it would … Continue reading

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Suicide Food

                     One of my favorite websites is Suicide Food. Sure they are probably vegans on a mission. But at least they have a sense of humor about it. I’ll admit to having been a little squeamish about prancing cows on … Continue reading

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Food Crimes: Hold the Mayo

According to SF Gate, a 74 year-old woman has been arrested in Boise for pouring mayonnaise in the county library’s book drop. Joy L. Cassidy is “a person of interest in at least 10 other condiment-related crimes.” For the past … Continue reading

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OMG I Ate a Bug!!!!

I know no one will believe that I willingly ate a bug. I am terrified of bugs. I mean, I do know what flies taste like; they taste like soap. I did have four older brothers. I also know what … Continue reading

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Mmmmmmm Tangy!

I cannot resist old 1950s and 60s recipe disasters. They are even more amazing when they are modern disasters. My cat just stepped on the keyboard and this pop-up actually came up. It’s fate. what you need 3 Tbsp. MIRACLE … Continue reading

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Liver Worst: Not Exactly Dinner Conversation

I have recovered repressed memories in therapy of gagging on powdery, mealy shoesoles of liver. There are rubber eraser bits that coat your mouth and won’t ever come off, ever, no matter how hard you try! Excuse me, I have … Continue reading

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Easter WTF

A picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, juxtaposition helps. And sometimes nothing but video can catch how surrealist and disturbing the everday can be The rewrite of Sugar, Sugar isn’t as curious as the fact that he is … Continue reading

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Have a Creepy Easter

My friend Donna has a thing about rabbits. Harvey was one of my favorite movies as a child, so I really had no problem with them, even after one nearly bit off my finger. But over the years I have … Continue reading

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Make it Irish the Easy Way

How do you make things Irish? So far the easiest way has been to color it green. Until now, when Betty Crocker brings you the easiest “Irish” treat ever invented. 1. Make cupcakes2. Frost cupcakes3. Stick Lucky Charms cereal on … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain on Yo Gabba Gabba

Weirdly enough Tony Bourdain will be guest starring on Yo Gabba gabba. Maybe it’s because he has “Gabba Gabba Hey” permanently etched on his heart, or maybe because he has a child now. They could have placed the cue cards … Continue reading

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Pig Dogs and Purse Cakes

There is a bakery on Glenoaks called Paradise Pastry and Cafe. It is a land of wonder, with a hot deli, cold deli. meat market, and import shop. If you need foie gras, veal sweetbreads, back bacon or yogurt soda, … Continue reading

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To Serve Kittens

It looks like there was a little mix-up at the bookstore. Cookbooks and pet care got mixed up to make this serendipitous tableaux. It turned out to not be a kitten cookbook. Kittens are really tough anyways and need slow … Continue reading

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A Valentine Straight from my Heart to Yours!

OK, I found this card really disturbing. The lips are made of foil-wrapped chocolate. Whereas chocolate is normally a good thing, this makes me question my allegiance. Share on Facebook

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Recipe Cards on Parade: Fonduloha

Keeping current with the exotic Hawaiian fad of the era, these pineapple boats make every meal a luau! Plus, it has meat in it! Who doesn’t love a pineapple filled with meat? We have turkey, celery, mayonnaise, chutney (exotic!), curry … Continue reading

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