Have a Creepy Easter

My friend Donna has a thing about rabbits.

Harvey was one of my favorite movies as a child, so I really had no problem with them, even after one nearly bit off my finger. But over the years I have started to notice the creepy expressions on Easter bunnies. They always look like they are plotting something. I especially hate these candy eyes that make them look like they are taxidermied.

I have even started to break them up into categories. There’s the angry bunny

The scared bunny. Maybe they know their ears are not long for this world

Poor things, trapped in their wee little cages. Destined for hassenpfeffer

The bunnies with secrets. See, bunnies are totally up to no good.

Was it Flopsy, Floozy and Cottontail?

Then there is the totally stoned bunny

This is kind of an emo bunny. He just stares at the egg, wondering what the point is.

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