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Seattle: One Breakfast, Many Tentacles

Jonathan, a close friend of ours (and best man at our wedding), recommended breakfast at “Lula’s.” I suddenly realized he meant Lola’s. another Tom Douglas restaurant I had visited on more than one occasion. He insisted we try “Tom’s Favorite Breakfast.” … Continue reading

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Seattle Top Pot Donuts

You simply can’t visit Seattle without making a stop at Top Pot Donuts. Sadly, they no longer make their famous peanut donuts, but we will carry on somehow. Top Pot opened in 2002 on Capitol Hill in 2002. The name came from … Continue reading

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Seattle: There You Were Under the Tree of Song

This is Hendrix’s original grave in the humble family plot before his memorial was built. It seems a little sad and neglected in this picture, but this Seattle cemetary is actually lush with grass. The only reason for the dirt … Continue reading

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Seattle – Pioneer Square

We took a day to just wander the cool Pioneer Square gentrified neighborhood in progress. Lots of coffee joints and bookstores, but also little homeless encampments. “In fact, The Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District, a historic district including that plaza … Continue reading

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The Seattle Dog

Sure, it’s not a Jersey ripper or a Chicago dayglo relish dog, but the Seattle dog has gained a reputation of its own. It’s one of those drunk foods that you eat from a cart at 2am outside of your … Continue reading

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Seattle Catchup: Sunday

I never did finish posting my Seattle trip. It’s hard having 2 blogs. One always suffers. But before my next trip, I figure I’d better write a little something about my last trip. Bob flew in and met me at … Continue reading

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Seattle: Queen Bee

I don’t usually make it to The Crumpet Shop in Pike’s Place before they close, but I still managed to get my crumpets on this trip. During the lunch break from Saturday’s workshop, Karen and I just kind of wandered … Continue reading

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Seattle: 13 Coins

I flew up to Seattle last weekend with an interpreter friend for a workshop. She had chosen a hotel that was serendipitously right next to a highly-recommended 24-hour steakhouse. 13 Coins opened in 1967, and walking into the restaurant was like going … Continue reading

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Seattle Thurs: Surprise! It’s the Pike!

After the bakery, we wandered through Pike Place. The parking gods were with us. Look at the amazing spot we got for our black rented SUV! A trip to Pike as always, included a stop at Beecher’s. Flagship cheese on … Continue reading

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Seattle Thursday: Hey Macrina!

Thursday we had the entire morning and afternoon before we were scheduled to pick up my nephew Justin. At my friend Wathana’s recomendation, we went looking for the Macrina Bakery. It was only blocks from our hotel. It really was … Continue reading

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Seattle: Connect Four at Buckleys

For dinner Wednesday the historic MGM/Loews building and warm lights drew us over to Buckley’s in Belltown. Half of the restaurant/pub is a sports bar with an umm, enthusiastic clientele. One person on UrbanSpoon said that the glow from the … Continue reading

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Seattle: Breakfast at Lola

Wednesday morning we met the sisters for breakfast at Lola. It was a nice atmosphere for a group – the room is large and open. The sadness was overwhelming, but it was comforting to be together, and when my mom … Continue reading

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Seattle Wednesday: visiting day

When I was a little girl, there was a Chinese family from Trinidad and Tobago that lived across the lane. All us kids played together. They had mostly girls, and I was kind of like their toy doll for the … Continue reading

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Seattle Tuesday: A Rough One

There is always an internal struggle to decide how much personal information to include in this blog. Sometimes I don’t include things that are hilarious, but might embarass someone. Sometimes things are just too sad and my intent is to … Continue reading

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Back in Seattle Again: Monday

I flew back today for Lillian’s memorial service. I brought my mother along this time, both to pay her respects and so we could spend time in Vancouver to meet up with relatives. The flight was quick and easy – … Continue reading

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