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Cancun Resort: Day One

During the height of Covid, a lot of places were offering ridiculous deals, with the promise of traveling any time within the next two years. One place advertised on Facebook. A week in Cancun for $250 bucks. I decided I … Continue reading

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Rotterdam: A Perfect Day

My favorite things about traveling are art and food. On this particular day I stuffed myself with both. The Mariners Museum was right behind the hotel, so I stopped in. It turned out it wasn’t the right museum. It was … Continue reading

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Rotterdam: Foodhallen

There was a much more extensive Foodhall in Rotterdam than in Amsterdam. Besides the prepared food, there were counters of spices and cheeses and sit-down restaurants. It was right next to the train station and just across the street from … Continue reading

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Rotterdam: Thoroughly Modern Citizen M

I had heard a lot about the architecture in Rotterdam, with one striking example being the yellow cube houses (Kubuswoningen). As soon as you exit the train station they are right there, and continue across the street right to my … Continue reading

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