My Scary Neighbor

I live near the studios, which means we have some really intense Halloween decorations and haunted houses. This guy is back after a 2-year hiatus while they have been completely gutting his house. Beware, some of the pictures are pretty gory.

OK, so you may be noticing that some of these pictures are through a chain-link fence. First of all, I needed to get pictures when it was light out, and second of all, no way am I going in this guy’s yard. I’m not afraid of ghosts and monsters. But I am afraid of creepy loners with demolished houses who put this much effort into scaring people. There is nothing at all to keep them from grabbing you. Although I did notice this year he had a special events permit posted.

Then I had a nightmare that I was being chased by a Freddy Kreuger-ish monster and when I screamed for the monster to stop, he waved a piece of paper in my face and said, “It’s alright — I have a permit.”

Anyways, I think I have bad haunted house karma. I spent 4 years of high school working in a local haunted house and we did not play fair. We cut holes in the walls, covered them with fabric and would reach through them and grab people. One year there was a dirt floor, so we dug a hole and covered the floor with astroturf. One actor, God bless him, spent all night curled up in a hole in the dirt. he would reach out and grab people’s feet. One girl had to be taken away in an ambulance.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “Hey! This is a food blog. What the hell does this have to do with food?” Well, it’s a food/travel/adventure blog and there was your adventure. But just to keep things kosher, here is my favorite cupcake decorating tip for Halloween… after icing the cupcake, push a Pepperidge Farms Milano cookie halfway into the cupcake and pipe RIP or something suitably creepy on it. If your friends have short names you can freak them out. Just don’t do it the night before or the cookie will get mushy. Enjoy!

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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  1. philo says:

    remind me not to bring my daughter trick or treating in your hood!

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