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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.

Italy: the Pope is Dope

Before coming to italy I had purchased several tours. One of them was to see the pope`s Wednesday afternoon talk. I certainly would not have bought a tour in order to get a ride if I had known our apartment … Continue reading

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Italy: All Roads Lead to Rome

It was a long journey fraught with misadventure, but we have made it to Italy. I would not even be here without my brother Glen’s emergency delivery of my forgotten prescription to the airport. Bob’s mom Bridin rented a nice little … Continue reading

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N’Awlins: Wandering Around the Quarter

Every time I walk through Jackson Square I remember seeing Al Taplet selling his folk art for $50 and it makes me crazy that I didn’t buy one. I didn’t have 50 bucks back then anyways, but I still regret … Continue reading

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The Cafe du Monde Tried to Kill Me

When you’re in New Orleans, you always stop at the Cafe du Monde for their hot beignet. On this particular evening I left Bob to order and made my way to the ladies room. Or at least the line for … Continue reading

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N’awlins: Omni Giveth and Omni Taketh Away

After watching a movie in our room until around 10pm Monday night, I realized I was hungry. I had only eaten crab claws and half a cup of jambalaya all day. So I called down to room service and ordered … Continue reading

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N’Awlins: Omni and Coop’s

In order to get low fares, I had booked our flight out of LAX at 5:50am. We had to get up at 3am! We figured we would drop off the luggage and then wander around like zombies until check-in time. … Continue reading

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Seattle: One Breakfast, Many Tentacles

Jonathan, a close friend of ours (and best man at our wedding), recommended breakfast at “Lula’s.” I suddenly realized he meant Lola’s. another Tom Douglas restaurant I had visited on more than one occasion. He insisted we try “Tom’s Favorite Breakfast.” … Continue reading

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Seattle Top Pot Donuts

You simply can’t visit Seattle without making a stop at Top Pot Donuts. Sadly, they no longer make their famous peanut donuts, but we will carry on somehow. Top Pot opened in 2002 on Capitol Hill in 2002. The name came from … Continue reading

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Seattle: There You Were Under the Tree of Song

This is Hendrix’s original grave in the humble family plot before his memorial was built. It seems a little sad and neglected in this picture, but this Seattle cemetary is actually lush with grass. The only reason for the dirt … Continue reading

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Seattle – Pioneer Square

We took a day to just wander the cool Pioneer Square gentrified neighborhood in progress. Lots of coffee joints and bookstores, but also little homeless encampments. “In fact, The Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District, a historic district including that plaza … Continue reading

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The Seattle Dog

Sure, it’s not a Jersey ripper or a Chicago dayglo relish dog, but the Seattle dog has gained a reputation of its own. It’s one of those drunk foods that you eat from a cart at 2am outside of your … Continue reading

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Seattle Catchup: Sunday

I never did finish posting my Seattle trip. It’s hard having 2 blogs. One always suffers. But before my next trip, I figure I’d better write a little something about my last trip. Bob flew in and met me at … Continue reading

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Seattle: Would-be Superheroes and Pike Place

Saturday after the workshop, Karen, who had never been to Seattle, asked me to take her somewhere that was not a place to eat. Since museums would be closing soon, the only thing I could think of was Pike Place. … Continue reading

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Seattle: Queen Bee

I don’t usually make it to The Crumpet Shop in Pike’s Place before they close, but I still managed to get my crumpets on this trip. During the lunch break from Saturday’s workshop, Karen and I just kind of wandered … Continue reading

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Seattle: 13 Coins

I flew up to Seattle last weekend with an interpreter friend for a workshop. She had chosen a hotel that was serendipitously right next to a highly-recommended 24-hour steakhouse. 13 Coins opened in 1967, and walking into the restaurant was like going … Continue reading

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