Pasadena Burgers: Rick’s Drive-in

Rick’s Drive-In in Pasadena has found a special place in our hearts thanks to the Amazing Spuderito. But in addition to that tortilla-swaddled wonder, Rick’s serves up some pretty good burgers.

The beef is never frozen and the lettuce and tomatoes are fresh. All of the sauces are made in-house. The patties are flavorful and nicely charred, but they are pretty thin so you probably want to order the 1/2 pounder over the 1/4 pounder. And you probably want grilled onions. Yes, you definitely want grilled onions.

The “French Burger” is like a grilled sourdough burger but served on grilled French bread, and the “Taco on a bun” is exactly that, taco fixings on a burger bun with unexpected addition of mustard — strange, but it works.

This little mom and pop stand, which has occupied this location since 1964, was recently in danger of being torn down for condos. According to owner Ralph Fonzo, the housing slump has earned them a temporary reprieve. Ralph, proudly (and charmingly) adds that people come from all over the world to visit Rick’s and that original customers are now bringing in their grandchildren.

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