Keep on Truckin

The trucks just keep on coming. This weekend we were able to sample a few newcomers and a few old favorites. At the LA Weekly Weekend the Rock & Roll Pizza Truck run by “real New Yorkers” delivered a very authentic New York slice.

People are predicting that trucks are on the way “out”. True, the novelty is waning. But ice cream trucks and taco trucks aren’t exactly extinct. Trucks are convenient, and for the most part, the food is delicious. Remember the crappy plastic-wrapped sandwich trucks of just a few years ago?

I think the issue is that there are more and more trucks every day. They are reaching maximum capacity. And not all of them are good. So, according to the law of natural selection, only the strong will survive. In a few years the trucks will still be rolling, and the ones that make it will be goooood.

The promoters at Silverlake Jubilee were savvy with their choice of food vendors. The ever-popular Dim Sum Truck, Buttermilk Truck, The Flying Pig, and Dosa Truck were joined by a dozen other trucks, including the unfortunately-named Mister Coolie Ice Cream Truck which actually had fantastic dipped cones. Is it ok to not be politically correct if it is innocent? People still buy Spic n’ Span and Cheese Nips, right?

The butterscotch dip was very thin but had a nice crack and it was so sweet a thicker dip would have been overpowering.

OK, I thought it was strange to order fries from another truck 2 trucks down from Frysmith.

But she offered me some of her garlic fries, so who am I to say?

Our darling Dosa truck was there, sharing masala fries and the Slumdog Dosa with the world.

Speaking of politically correct, whereas Dosa is all peace and love, Fatburger went a little over the edge here. God damn, they ruthless.

The Flying pig managed to make a sandwich wrap out of bao dough that was exactly like a bao but slightly airier. Delicious! bob preferred the tacos.

The truck of the moment, the Dim Sum Truck, was closing down, but gifted us with their very last bao, siu mai and shrimp har gow. We savored them all, and yes, we shared.

Everyone loves trucks. Even little puppy dogs.

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