Lats Do it in a Castle

Today we drove into the country to look at castles. First we visited “The New Castle” in Segulda. It was once occupied by Knights of the Sword. When you joined Knights of the Sword, you joined for life.

Their city hall was in front of the castle, and it was really grand.

It was nice to be out in the beautiful countryside. There are lilacs everywhere.


We followed the guidebook to lunch at Aparjods. I like the game here, so I ordered the rabbit. It was explained to me later that there is so much grass here the animals don’t resort to eating bark and leaves, so they are essentially grass-fed.

Next we were going to see some ancestral castle of Bridin and Bob’s family. We were stuck on little roads with construction forever.

Then we had to drive down a really long unmarked unpaved road. I really didn’t think they were ever going to find it. We had to splosh through mud puddles at high speed so as not to get stuck, and the wake of mud bathed the car with every bump. This is the good part of the road.

I finally asked, “All this for a castle?”

Bridin: It’s not a castle. The castle was wood and burned down. It’s a mound.”

Me: All this for a mound?

Bridin: If we’re lucky there will be a goat on it.

Me: Well, OK then, if there’s a goat…

Bob: Come o-o-o-n-n-n  goats!

The woods were beautiful, and we found the ancestral mound, but alas, no goats.

It was another Mr Toad’s Wild ride coming back, and lots more construction on the main roads. We stopped for coffee at a place with a trippy ceiling.

When we got back we discovered that the front license plate had been torn off, so we have to deal with the rental car this morning. It will be the third rental car of the trip. Hertz, donut?

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  1. Donna Lethal says:

    Oh my god! You are my second friend to be traipsing around castles this early summer. I’m so jealous. If you keep this up I’m going to eat your bag of chocolate.

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