New Orleans 2024: Acme

Tuesday night Bob and I headed out to Iberville to hit Acme, and immediately everything reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Acme and Felix’s face each other and are both Oyster joints with creole food. There is a Pat vs. Mike’s level rivalry. I used to like Felix’s because they had an amazing stuffed crab po’boy. When we were looking for a place to get married, we made a reservation to see the upstairs balcony. When the woman found out why we were there she was furious with us, like we were taking up her time, and I mean, we had made a reservation. So, we sat down to eat instead, and I found out they didn’t have the po’boy anymore, so I ordered plain ole stuffed crab. Well, that lady wouldn’t let me have any bread with my meal because she knew I wanted a sandwich! And no way was I going to get what I wanted on her watch. Now, that’s in the past, but this time around we stopped in for a snack and I ordered a shrimp cocktail. It arrived HOT. HOT and SALTY. And with raggedy edges. So, no more Felix’s for us. It’s Acme all the way, except for their fish which is swai instead of catfish.

You can run into a second line just about anywhere in the French Quarter, and it doesn’t have to be a wedding or a funeral. We passed this one on the way to dinner at Acme, only a block away. We had a seat at the darkened bar since there is always a long line for tables.

Which is fine, because then you can watch them shuck oysters and enjoy a little patter.

I ordered Boo Fries, fries with a little debris – the drippings from roast beef. I don’t know if they invented them, as I have seen them other places but I like the name Boo Fries, so that is what OI always call them.

We also split a fantastic shrimp po’boy

and some char-grilled oysters, topped with Parmesan cheese, grilled, and set on fire – maybe with Herbsaint? A perfect welcome to The Big Easy.

Da Kulture Brass band was rockin!!!!!!!

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