New Orleans Vow Renewal, Hyatt Centric

It has been 20 years since we got married in New Orleans. We are back for a vow renewal. Galatoires has purchased the balcony where we got married and wanted over 4k for an event. So, we are holding the ceremony at Dat Dog which has a gorgeous balcony and is letting us do it for the price of hot dogs! (Photo from their website)

We arrived Tuesday night and checked into Hyatt Centric, It’s the same place we stayed at during our wedding when it was called Chateau Sonesta, The whole place has had a fancy makeover, and our room is big and clean.

Service is awesome. I asked for a quiet room. They asked me if I wanted to be facing Bourbon Street or the pool. I said I didn’t want to be facin NUTHIN. And they delivered. We were facing a private lobby that only two rooms use. The quietest hotel room of my life.

The hotel used to be the D.H. Holmes Department store, where Ignatius J. Reilly’s mother is shopping while the protagonist of the story waits out front, and ends up causing a ruckus as The Confederacy of Dunces opens:

Outside the D. H. Holmes department store on Canal Street in New Orleans, Ignatius J. Reilly stands amid the crowds beneath the clocktower, eating chips and surveying the outfits of the people around him. He sees that many of the people wear expensive or fashionable clothes and takes this as a sign of their moral and spiritual bankruptcy. He himself is dressed comfortably—in a flannel jacket, baggy pants, and large hunting cap with ear flaps—and regards this as the ideal outfit for a sensible and intellectual person.

The lobby and bar were nice.

The carpets were oysters. The bellperson said very few people notice that. There is a Redfish attached to the hotel, but you couldn’t call down and order and come pick it up. You had to go down to the restaurant to order and wait for your food, which was annoying when you are all cozy in bed so we didn;t eat there.

There were also very trippy pictures across from the elevators.


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