New Orleans Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Wednesday morning we ordered room service, which was OK, but just OK in a food city like New Orleans. We met up with Anne, who has been my best friend since our teen years, and her husband Ed, who I’ve known almost as long. We decided to check out the Aquarium of the Americas, now called the Audubon Aquarium.

They used to have a lot of different sharks, but Katrina wiped out a lot of them. They still have the amazing albino alligator and lots of other good stuff.

They still have the big aviary but no bald eagle anymore.


And a big aquarium with a walk-thru tunnel. You can also pay extra to snorkel in it.

We walked along the Mississippi and listened to the crazy calliope music from the paddleboat. It runs on steam so it’s hard to control the tuning and it drives locals along the water crazy.

We walked along Decatur to eat at Coop’s. Here are some sights along the way. But I forgot they close on Wednesday so we ate at a bland cafe in the French Market.

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