Baltic: Cili Pizza in Leipaja

A block away from my hotel was Cili Pica (pizza). Although the hotel included breakfast and we often ate lunch when sightseeing, Bob would head back to his mom’s apartment in the evenings, and I was often wandering around looking for dinner. Cili Pizza was a locals spot, with no one speaking Engliah, and they were irritated with me on my first visit because there was something going on with my credit card. I think it was because it didn’t have the tap function, which we are making sure we have before our next trip. After seeing my genuine curiosity, and either my goofiness or charm, the servers took to me and brought me Coke Zeros while I waited for my to-go orders, which took a really long time. Everyone in Europe is aghast at my consumption of Diet Coke. The long waits gave me ample time to trip out on their childrens’ menus.

They also had interesting giant bugs as part of the interior design.

Their pizza was really good, but too big for just me, so I tried some other menu items, like burgers, and a trippy Baltic dish of deep-fried rye bread with a cheese-mayonnaise garlic sauce (In Lithianian it is called Ķiploku grauzdiņi). It’s translated as garlic bread, so expect a surprise if you order that.

I went once to this shop and had amazing kebab, but it was kind of a long walk.

Most of the time I just window shopped while waiting for my food.

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