By The Baltic Sea: That’s Sure a Big Organ!

There was a concert at Liepāja Holy Trinity Cathedral, home to the seventh largest organ in the world. At the time of its creation in 1779, it was the number one largest organ in the world until till 1912 when a bigger instrument was built in Michael’s Church in Hamburg. But, the title of the biggest manual organ in the world still belongs to the organ of Liepāja Holy Trinity Cathedral. The church itself, of the late baroque age, was built in 1758.

Although it is Evangelical Lutheran, the church was very similar to a Catholic church. It was beautiful, gold and gilded, and I enjoyed taking pictures, although they don’t do the place justice. You have to take it all in at once.

There was a gentleman who accompanied the organ for certain songs. I can’t remember any of them offhand because it was such an emotional experience for me. The music was beautiful, and the organ filled the space and reached deep inside you. The hardness of the pew and the ornate surroundings reminded me of my upbringing in the Catholic church, and by extention my mother. Almost exactly two years after her death, the grief was still hitting me hard.

After the concert, I snuck up to the choir loft to check out the organ, and there was a very festive atmosphere after such a successful performance.

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