The Freak Valley Fest Netphen Germany

Bob’s Band, The Freeks, played this psychedelic metal festival with his band … It was located in a camp, perhaps a camp for disabled kids because there was some accessible playground equipment. It was a nice location, with a big green meadow, and backstage there was a school building with flush toilets and showers. I cannot express enough the importance of flush toilets. And it was nice for musicians on the road to be able to have a shower. I was so excited to see Bob again!

I had gotten a little B&B and all of the other guests were Dutch. The hosts were super OCD about cleanliness and we all kind of snickered about it. Bob was going to come back to the B&B with me and the band would pick him up in the morning, so I had to give them the address, but no one carries pens anymore. Someone suggested, “Take a picture!” So we posed.

And this is the exact moment we both realized he meant take a picture of the address.

There were just two food stalls, but backstage there was a vegan buffet, exciting a lot of vegan musicians.

There were a lot of cool-looking people, but I had discovered on this trip that Germans, especially those who had lived under Soviet rule, are really uncomfortable having their pictures taken, so I didn’t even ask. The band was on fire, and of course, let me take their pictures.

Some very drunk German guy recognized Bob and shouted, “Are you rockin’ in the free world???” He noticed my camera and demanded I take his picture. Gladly.

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