Philadelphia’s Best Cheesesteak: Campo’s

Campo’s on Market in Old City made the top of my list for the best cheesesteak I ate in Philadelphia. Granted, I didn’t make it to South Philly or Tony Luke’s. The Campo family opened a little corner grocery in 1947. The next generation took over in 1975. There is still a mom and pop homey feel.

The steak is chopped, and the sandwiches come with onions and peppers. The bread is from Sarcone’s Bakery. It was definitely the best cheesesteak I ate in Philly and the only place I returned to more than once.

Little peppers stuffed with prosciutto and cheese were addictive.

Besides cheesesteaks, they had a stunning menu. Check this one out:

chicken, steak, pepperoni, bacon, fried onions, marscarpone cheese

I took home the Mamma Mia for lunch the next day. God, I wish I had this sandwich right now.

Mamma Mia – $8.00
Prosciutto, sopressata, old-fashioned capocolla, sharp provolone, hot & sweet roasted peppers

This is the best hoagie and cheesesteak place in Philly, and I will stand behind that! Especially if some of those meaty Italian cooks are standing behind me.

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2 Responses to Philadelphia’s Best Cheesesteak: Campo’s

  1. Val says:

    Philly definitely has some amazing food, and cheese steak is only one dish among many that make it a food town. The sandwich you had looks a hell of a lot better than Geno's or Pat's…

  2. Kiki Maraschino says:

    Definitely. Wait til you see it when I get to Geno's and Pats!

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