Birthday Party Love!!!

So by the way, I LOVE SLAW DOGS! What a perfect place to hold my birthday party! I started thinking hot dogs – picnic! I had fun picking up flower and butterfly-themed decorations. Luckily I already had picnic tablecloths. Ray was so cool he had a special hot dog in my honor, based on the Japadog, but with a special Ray twist. He made up little baskets with a half-dog, onion ring, and half fries half sweet potato fries. Sooo cute! Thanks to Valentino Herrera of TrippyFood for the great pics!

Zach Behrens caught the soy bomb and birthday dog up close and personal.

As you may have seen in my other post, these are my intense centerpieces. I had YummyEarth organic lollipops and gummi bears.

Thanks to Polkatots right next door, we had dozens of mini cupcakes. The cupcakes are so moist. The red velvet cake was especially popular.

We couldn’t resist getting into the cupcakes that we had arranged on a 3-tier tray before the pic, but Eddie Lin got a cool photo of me breathing fire:

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and to Slaw Dogs, Polkatots and YummyEarth!

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