Rocket Fizz

Last summer a riot of neon notified Burbank that there was a new store in town and it was all about fun! Rocket Fizz is here to bring back the candy and sodas of childhood, as well as hard-to-find local products. They even have a wide assortment of obscure diet sodas.

Partners Jack Cross, whose career in the field of body shops shows in his retro design, and pizza shop owner Luke Jacobeli have created a wonderland of nostalgia.

Customers wander around exclaiming, “No way!” “I haven’t seen this since I was a kid!” “They have apple Abba Zabbas!” Really, did you even know they had apple Abba Zabbas?

Cross and Jacobeli chose Burbank as their store location because in many ways Burbank is a retro town, with its ancient shops, Googie signage, and of course Bob’s Big Boy.

There is a patio in the back where you can enjoy your drinks and chocolate cigarettes, and they are planning to start showing B Movies there, something to foster a sense of community in the neighborhood. Rocket Fizz is open from 11am to 9pm weekdays and 10pm on weekends, but sometimes they are open even later, which saved me from an uncertain fate last Christmas Eve.

At least he went happy

I dared three people to try to fit an entire Cherry Mash in their mouths until this guy took me up on the dare.

Oh, for the halcyon days when hobos and smoking were cool

Fun with wax moustaches

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