Food Crimes: Man Stabbed with Meat Thermometer

While watching a 9pm showing of “Shutter Island” in Lancaster, CA, on Saturday a man asked a woman to turn off her cell phone. According to sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore, and reported by KTLA,

“She and two men with her left the movie theater.

Two men returned a few minutes later and stabbed the victim.

The victim was hospitalized but is expected to survive.

Two other people who attempted to help the victim were also injured in the altercation.

Sheriff’s officials describe the suspects as black males.

One man was wearing an orange hat with an orange jacket or jersey.

The other man was dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt.”

Beyond the crime of talking on a phone in a movie theater and then retaliating violently against anyone who dared to speak up, no one has yet reported the fashion crime of wearing an orange hat and jersey.

The temperature reading has not been reported.

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