Sacramento: Wonder Weiners and Fairytale Town

The next day we went to check out Wonder Weiner for lunch. How can you resist a name like that? Unfortunately, the skin was too tough and the buns were too soft. A shame for a 14″ dog.

Then I took a taxi over to Fairytale Town. It’s an old playground with really cool retro statuary. There is a rule that every grownup has to be accompanied by a child. I approached a few people with kids, but they were all going to the zoo across the street.

So finally I walked right up to the window and set down my $5. The woman said, “I’m sorry, you need to be accompanied by a child.”

I said, “Oh I know, my friend and her daughter are meeting me inside.”

“Do you have her phone number?”

“I left my phone in the car.”

Now we were just staring at each other, waiting for the other one to break. Was my willingness to lie to her face greater than her reticence to call a customer a liar? Finally I wore her down.

I had fun tripping out on the old fairytale playground, and checking out the petting zoo animals. I even ended up taking pictures for a lot of families. I walked out with a family I had befriended and waved over at the ticket booth, “See…I found my friends!”

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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