Cliff’s Notes on the Breland Family

My mother’s father, Alfred Breland, married twice, and brought 15 children into this world. I once extrapolated 72 first cousins from this, and goodness knows how many second cousins. For the sake of this visit, I am going to keep it short so that you at least know who I am talking about.

1st wife: Virginia Laboucane’s children: Irene, Mary-Louise, Rose-Ida and Edwin.

2nd wife: Ida Robinson’s children: Germain, Virgina, Alphonse, Jeannette, Bernard, Lucille, Loretta, Delia (My mom) Isidore, Emile, and John.

Today we will focus on those at Edmonton and St Paul this week. First, dearly departed Mary Louise, and her two children, Pierre and Angelle. Pierre married Olga and they are two of my favorite people to visit.

Alphonse lives in Ontario, and his daughter, Angelle (gelle-y) was kind enough to accompany him on this trip.

Loretta, married to Patrick Devlin, had 2 of her children there – Paddy and Maureen, who I have a special connection with and also lets us crash at her house.

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