Ceci n’est pas une nacho

I don’t often patronize chains, but occasionally co-workers talk me into it. “It’s El Torito Grill, not El Torito.” The place appeared to be a Wolfgang Puck-inspired El Torito with a long bar and hard liquor. OK, fine. I could go for some nachos anyways.

I got up to answer my cell phone and when I returned, my friend had a strange look on his face and said, “They don’t have nachos.” So I looked at the menu and I saw “The Mexican Platter”

Chicken and shrimp taquitos, steak nachos, cheese quesadilla, chipotle barbecue ribs, tomatillo-avocado sauce and red pepper dip. 12.99

I called the server over.

“Aren’t these nachos on this platter?”


“It says Steak Nachos”

“yes, but they aren’t nachos”

“how are they not nachos?

“They are not made with tortilla chips. They are made with tortillas”

“You mean you cut a tortilla up and deep fry it?”


“OK. That’s how you make a tortilla chip”

“No. It is not a tortilla chip”

“That’s OK. Can you just bring me that? On whatever it is?”

“Well, it is not like what you think of as nachos. Each chip has the individual beans and cheese and steak on it.”

“OK, could you bring me the menu item that is beans and cheese and steak individually placed on deep fried tortilla pieces?”

“Certainly madame. More iced tea?”

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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