Mariachi Night

I spend so much time as an observer, taking pictures and documenting events of other people’s communities, sometimes it is nice to get a reminder that I am part of a community too.

For my mom’s birthday the family got together for the local church’s Mariachi Night. The church I grew up in, where I went to school. The steps I sat on when I had detention. For 20 bucks you got a taco plate, a few drink tickets and lots of family fun.

I like watching them make the carne asada

And then I like eating it.

Later we realized you could get additional tacos and beers for a dollar each and that made it a much better deal. I noticed they hadn’t punched my nephew’s ticket, and I said, “Hey, you could get another plate.” He turned it over and showed me the reverse side

Then there was the entertainment. Ballet Folkloriko was a lot of stomping and big colorful butterfly skirts when I was younger, but I am seeing more and more of these simple flirty dances lately

It’s too dark to see the lasso, but at least you can hear the mariachis

The mechanical bull was a popular attraction for the kids. Why is it so funny to see a little kid fall down? We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

But the important thing is that my mom had a good time.

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  1. g and h says:

    what a sweet post. reminded me of going to the annual fiesta at our church every year.


  2. Joey and Nicole says:

    i wish you a marry christmas!!
    check out my blog

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