Seattle: Connect Four at Buckleys

For dinner Wednesday the historic MGM/Loews building and warm lights drew us over to Buckley’s in Belltown. Half of the restaurant/pub is a sports bar with an umm, enthusiastic clientele. One person on UrbanSpoon said that the glow from the rows and rows of flat screens made them feel like they were in the supermarket refrigerator aisle.

Luckily for us there is a cozy restaurant area with tall-backed wooden booths, one of my favorite seating arrangements. I feel like I’m in my own private club compartment.

Reading over the pub’s accolades, I am kind of confused by the fact that Buckey’s won “The best Guinness in Seattle”. Umm, they are brewing Guinness in Seattle? They have the best supplier? They can slow pour like a pro?

We started with the meatloaf sliders. They were OK. I think burgers are really only the proper slider filling. An interesting idea, but didn’t quite fly.

Then we split the fish and chips. All I remember is that the fish was good, but the fries were cold.

OK, so Buckleys is not the place to go for fine dining. But if you are with a group of friends and want to get hammered, eat bar food and play a bunch of fun games, the comfy booths are stocked with retro board games that make for a fun night.

Look how EXCITED these kids are to play Connect Four. They are downright HYSTERICAL

Can I just say that my mom kicks ass at Connect Four. It’s like that Donkey Kong guy.

Of course, every game has its cheaters and sharks, and you best take heed to this warning inside the game cover:

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  1. SinoSoul says:

    whoah. there's gonna be bloggers connect 4 tourney at West 4th and Jane next week.. I got all confused for a second…

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