How Tequila is Made

Remember those Sesame Street factory tours like How Crayons are Made and the visit to The Peanut Butter Factory? That’s kind of what today’s post is going to be like. Let’s go on a tour!!!

First,a wild ride through the blue agave fields

After the stalk yields seeds and everything is cut away, you are left with the agave pinas. They are full of sweet sap that attracts bees, hornets and butterflies. When the camera moves away and you hear air blowing, that’s me spitting out a butterfly.

They cook the agave pina in underground kilns. At this point you can chew on it and suck out the syrup. While everyone else was buying bottles of tequila, I went back and got a bunch of the pure agave for 5 bucks and a kiss on the cheek. They used to use mules to squeeze the agave. Now they have really scary machinery.

The agave hemp is put into these big barrels and allowed to ferment for 9 to 10 days unless they use a starter. I’m getting kind of bored and put my finger in front of the lens for part of this section. Sorry. Num num num num.

The distillation process and a taste of the weak first distillation.

135 proof tasting makes my camera spin

Did someone actually yell, “Yeeehaaa!” ?

Things start to get really weird on this tour. Stay tuned.

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