Farfalla Trattoria


The Farfalla Trattoria in Los Feliz holds a special place in our hearts. We had dinner there on our very first real date-date and have celebrated most of our anniversaries there ever since. We once ran into Keith Morris just as he was leaving (he recommends the house specialty salad – greens and torn pieces of bread in a mustard dressing). Later, when we tried to pay our check, we were told that our dinner was “compliments of Mr. Morris.” What a nice surprise for our anniversary. I have loved him for that ever since. Even if he does occasionally hassle me about my dietary habits. Thank God he doesn’t read this blog or I would be totally busted.

Anyways, back to Farfalla…they used to close down between lunch and dinner. But now they are open from 11am to 10pm. Lucky for us, since we were able to stop in and pick up something to go after our tax appointment yesterday. Because it was a quiet inbetween time, I was able to catch a rare photo of their dining room without the usual bustle. I love this room, made cozy by the warm wood and brick, as well as the back wall of wine bottles. When seated along the outer edge, it is perhaps the most comfortable dining room in town. But if one is unlucky enough to be seated down the center, the constant passing and chair bumping by servers can be annoying. Now that we don’t live in the neighborhood, we usually get our food to go and avoid the crowd.

Their pizza is similar to New York pizza, with a super-thin crust, light sauce and intensely concentrated flavors. I like the Margherita, but I am addicted to the pesto with goat cheese.

Their gnocchi is rivaled only by nearby Il Capricio’s – light, delicate little pillows in a rich cream sauce with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. Their pastas are interesting and well-balanced, and served in generous portions. I especially like the wild mushroom rigatoni in a light pink sauce. Bob likes the farfalla with salmon. The fish specials are always fantastic, as is the steak special, which is usually a T-Bone. The free-range chicken reminds you what chicken is supposed to taste like, and the sausage and polenta, although simple, is a favorite. In fact, you can’t go wrong at Farfalla. I have never had a bad meal there. The only area that could use improvement is desserts, which aren’t made on-site. They are ordered frozen from Sysco, the ubiquitous restaurant distributor (I recognized the desserts from a food show I attended). http://www.sysco.com/products/Productpage_search.asp?productID=683. If they could get whoever is making their fantastic bread to make the desserts, they would be much better off. Of course then I might never leave. 1978 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Feliz.