The Glory That is Burbank: Doughnut Hut


For years my friends have been urging me to visit the Doughnut Hut. It is apparantly some kind of mecca for cinnamon roll affecianados. I managed to resist the urge, because I do avoid doughnuts unless they suddenly pounce upon me when I am weak and unsuspecting. Another reason is the Doughnut Hut’s sign – it is just plain cheesy. What’s missing? U! But then one morning, my husband brought home a bag of the lightest, softest doughnuts, risen to have the perfect crumb. They are larger than the average doughnut that is cranked out by cookie-cutter (doughnut cutter?) chains, but they are so fresh that it’s impossible to pick one up without leaving a noticable dent. The Doughnut Hut still follows the charming tradition of the “baker’s dozen”, even tossing an extra doughnut into the pink box when I only order a half-dozen. Now I am a fan and a convert. I love the Doughnut Hut. There goes my girlish figure. 10544 Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank.

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  1. ginaveee says:

    that signs cracks me up, too. heath and i will make a stop now that we know how yummy the donuts are. could get dangerous…

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