Cancun Resort Sunday: Snorkeling

We had rescheduled our snorkeling trip, and there were only four of us on the boat…a nice woman and her son, so we kind of lucked out. It was a gorgeous day out on the water. It was such a beautiful pale turquoise. First, we were going to see turtles. There were no turtles. We swam and swam and finally I gave up and went back to the boat. I had thought we were going to Akumel Bay, which is world-famous for turtles. I questioned the tour guy, and he threw his hands in the air, exasperated and said, “Akumel, Akumel, Akumel!” Exactly like the Brady Bunch “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” Maybe you need a special license or something to go there that he didn’t have and he was frustrated at his terrible dive area.

She looks angry, but she was just having trouble with her full-face snorkel. They aren’t the best, and have turned out to actually be dangerous.

Next we were going to the reef, but there was just a depressing black-bottom. At one point I saw a giant barracuda and started chasing it, I looked back for the photographer and he was shooting B-roll of ugly dead coral. Later he asked me if I was crazy following the barracuda, I was thinking, “Well, I expected you to take a picture of me with it!” I was also thinking barracuda aren’t really dangerous. We had them in the water at the beach where I grew up. Although one time one did bite my friend on the tit, but it was funnier than it was scary. Anyways, in spite of the photographer’s barracuda fail, he did get this absolutely awesome picture of me.

The final dive was an old shipwreck, but it was a very small boat that sunk in the 80s and you just swim around it. It’s not some big galleon you can swim through. I decided to save my already wobbly legs for the next day’s whale shark excursion. We enjoyed just hanging out in the boat a lot.

This guy kayaked up to the boat to sell lobsters.

Cheesy tourist pic

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