The Glory That is Burbank: Wienerschnitzel

3. Our Wienerschnitzel sells beer.

The Wienerschnitzel that stands kitty-corner from NBC studios, where they film the Tonight Show sells Budweiser/Michelob on tap starting at 7am. Maybe if Johnny Carson had known that he would not have been so snarky. The site’s previous tenant, a Kenny Rogers Roaster’s simply passed on its liquor license when the restaurant was franchised by the ubiquitous red and orange hot dog stands. The manager told me that there is also a Carl’s Jr. somewhere in East L.A. that serves beer, but he didn’t know the exact location.

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  1. Dan says:

    Wienerschnitzel was one of the places I really wanted to try when I was in Burbank last fall. We got to Tommy’s, In-N-Out, Pink’s, Rubio’s, Pinkberry and Doughboy’s in a 36 hour span. I think I’m still trying to lose all that weight! (Great blog BTW…)

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