Ich Bin Ein Berliner: Dali at Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz was also the location of a Dali Museum. In a mall. And that is why I was there. There were some nice sculptures, and an unreal amount of book illustrations. Naturally, I loved the Alice in Wonderland illustrations best.

Just so many amazing works…

The main figure in this work seemed so unlike Dali’s usual style.

Tiles were also kind of an unusual medium for Dali

This is the lithograph machine he used

There was a little theater where they were showing the films Dali collaborated on. There was a little boy of perhaps 7, swinging his legs and watching the Disney film Dali did. When UnĀ Chien AndalouĀ  started, I whispered to the boy that he might not want to watch that one. He trotted off, and a lady sitting nearby asked, “Why do you say that…” just as they sliced the eyeball. She interrupted herself with a wordless utterance somewhere between shock and disgust.

His lithograph machine

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