Photographing the LA Food Fest: The LIST

Oh my God! LA Food Fest was car-a-zay! Imagine the length of a football field length of food. Twice. It was seriously an entire football field! The Rose Bowl, which is seriously hard to find for such a famous place, was filled with food, food, food.

I suppose they couldn’t drive the trucks onto the field, but it had a side-effect of them being able to fit way more food into the Bowl. The LAisters were there, Lindsay, Zach, Koga and Julie. Plus my other blog pals. I missed Tien, unfortunately. But I was on a mission. I was going to get my pictures if it killed me. Instead of flitting around drinking and chatting, I was going to get photos of every single booth on the West side of the field. If it killed me.

Val, from

When I work a big event, I have a secret list I need to fulfill before I can relax. A list of photos that I think makes for a complete event. After the food, which is the most important, I want pictures of pretty girls.

Second, cute kids (and I always ask the parents for permission to post the pic, even when I have to chase them all the way across the field)

Famous chefs

Susan Feniger
Fred Eric? Shenanigans! You don’t have a truck!

Then my secondary goals are:

People serving the food

Cooking the food

And enjoying the food.

Reallyyyyy enjoying the food

And if there is liquor, an attractive bartender either shaking or pouring. Especially if his name is Julian or Michel

Done! Everything else is just cake, but I try to get the ambiance, people hamming it up, and other random activities

Longboards celebrating their sell-out

And if I can manage it, a sneaky picture of the breast of a certain friend who shall remain nameless

 Of course there is always one fatal flaw, like this delicious finger sandwich

So how was the rest of the food? Where is all the delicious food porn? Just you wait!

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