Congrats to Bill Esparza!!!!

Last week local blogger Bill Esparza appeared on Bizarre Foods, giving Andrew Zimmern a personalized tour of Baja. The viewing party was held at Guelaguetza Restaurant, a place I used to stop in on the way home from my old job.

They came up with an innovative and affordable menu for the party, a nice alternative to having to host or making your friends shell out.

$5 appetizers happy hour

Botana de molotes ( corn dough with chirzo and potatoes)
Taquitos fritos (3 crispy chicken taquitos with guacamole or mole)
Crispy Quesadillas ( 2 tortillas stuffes with queso fresco and epazote leaves)
Clayudas con mole Negro
Clayuda choriqueso

$5 Drinks happy hour.

Garra De Tigre Mezcal reposado, lime, sweet syrup and agave worm salt

Donaji Mezcal reposado, OJ grenadine, and agave worm salt

Real Mexican Tequila Blanco, agave, cilantro, pineapple and jalapenos

Beso Real Tequila Blanco, agave, Pomegranate juice, lemon juice and mint

We tried the Clayuda choriqueso, a sort of tostada on a giant tortilla.


Kevin and Esther

Rachael of Chicks with Knives looking mysterious.

Our hostess, Marisa, Marrisa? Marisol? I’m sorry, you can’t pour that much tequila so freely and expect me to get your name right.

I tried the “Real Mexican Tequila Blanco, agave, cilantro, pineapple and jalapenos”. It was a little spicy for me. But the “Beso Real Tequila Blanco, agave, Pomegranate juice, lemon juice and mint” was so refreshing, I kept drinking as long as Marissa kept pouring tequila in the glass until I was just drinking straight tequila. Then I saw this, and decided it was time to stop.

Baile Dammit! Baile!

I am still on my mission to get as many versions of La Barca del Oro as possible.

Adios, mujer, adios para siempre, adios

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2 Responses to Congrats to Bill Esparza!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Her name is (the lovely) Bricia Lopez and it is her restaurant.

    And that is Sam with Esther, not Kevin. 🙂


  2. Kiki Maraschino says:

    I am sooo bad with names. I called Esther the wrong name for like a month.


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