I LOVE Menchies!

I have to thank Jennifer for introducing me to Menchies. I resisted at first, thinking it would be another sour Pinkberry ripoff. But now I’m an addict. Menchies has a wall of frozen yogurt disensers, kind of like those French Quarter Daquiri houses.

Every flavor has easily identifiable labels to let you know if the flavor is kosher, nonfat, sugar-free, if it has a criminal record, and whether or not it is still a virgin.

It’s do-it-yourself and they have an unlimited supply of taster cups. You can fill up on testers alone.

The flavors are delicious, ranging from the rich and creamy to the Pinkberry sour and from the familar standards to the exotic.

There is a wealth of toppings to choose from, including fresh fruit and a surprisingly sugar-free chocolate syrup. You would never know.

When you are all done, they charge you by weight. It’s a fun, interactive experience to share with a friend, giggling and asking, “Oh my God, Did you taste the Dulce de Leche?”

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