Central CA: Nipomo by the Sea

As long as I was taking the long way home, I thought I might as well visit my brother, Johnny, who was hosting a BBQ at the local bar. But first I had to make a stop at the traveler’s mecca of strange – The Madonna Inn. I loved coming here as a child, with the profusion of giant pink pastries, and carousel bar.

Even something as simple as an iced tea to go gets a little touch of whimsy with a rock candy stirrer to sweeten the tea.

Their dining room is a trip, centered around a gigantic gold tree with Pepto-Bismol pink booths. I considered getting married here, but they were really uptight about noise and curfews so I knew that was not for my family.

The rooms are all themed, the “caveman room” being the most popular. There are a lot of rock-themed rooms. Some of them are just lime green from top to bottom. Seriously creepy. And the names are usually unrelated to the themes, which most often seem to be “made over basement” or “staying in Uncle Al’s guest room in the basement”

Check out the rooms

These are a few of the most amazing ones

Blue much?


Do not take acid and stay in this room

For the 12-year old Brady in you

Krazy Daisy..the names are getting more appropriate

Just look at this ceiling

OK I can’t stand it any more

They even have a little tiny bathroom especially for little girls. The boys bathroom has a trough, and another men’s room has a waterfall.

I picked up a pastry for Johnny and headed over to the Nipomo Saloon. Yeah, this is the kind of town where you have the Nipomo barbershop, the Nipomo Foot Clinic, and Nipomo Sushi all in a row.

I arrived too late for the BBQ and missed out on Johnny’s tri-tip. Luckily the Saloon is right across the street from Jocko’s. Jocko’s is the only reason some people even know Nipomo exists. The bartender called me in an order and when I got there I discovered a steak and garlic bread cut into little bites and stuck with frilly toothpicks like at a cocktail party. They were down with the saloon.

So I was also behind everyone on the drinking. Beer was flowing, a super loud ragtag band of sorts was playing, and the guy who points in the air was pointing.

Even when sitting he can’t stop pointing. It’s the rock and roll that does it. Or whatever’s on tap.

It’s pretty contagious

The golden sun looked beautiful on the hay. I know, I have a brother who lives where they sell hay! It must be in our blood. It just makes me want to point my fingers in the air!

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