Seattle Thurs: Surprise! It’s the Pike!

After the bakery, we wandered through Pike Place. The parking gods were with us. Look at the amazing spot we got for our black rented SUV!

A trip to Pike as always, included a stop at Beecher’s.

Flagship cheese on the move

Picked up a pretzel I think at 3 Girls Bakery – maybe Auntie Em’s…it’s all ablur of foodstuffs swirling around my head

We also stopped off at Pike Chowder where we tried a sampler of seafood chowders. The basic clam chowder was the best.

Kids are so adorable

We got some pierogie at Cafe Yarmarka for the road, which was lucky because Justin was starving after his exams

Plus the border crossing took forever, so our picnic basket of collected treats was really needed. By the time we got to our gorgeous room at the Vancouver Westin Bayshore, I was happy to just order room service and a movie while Justin and mom went out for dinner with Uncle John.

And maybe just one of their freakishly giant beers afterwards.

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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