Seattle Thursday: The Home for Wayward Girls

Thursday Anne and I had a little bit of time together before she had to take me to the airport. She wanted to visit the Home for Wayward girls, where her mother Lillian had stayed when she first came to Seattle as a young runaway.

On the way I spotted this place, which naturally warranted a stop. This is the kind of sign that makes me hang dangerous U-Turns on busy streets. Dick’s has been around since 1954.

The burger and fries were OK — the kind of thing you love if you grew up eating them. The chocolate shake kicked serious ass.

The Home for Wayward Girls was suitably religious and asylum-like to be creepy.

We drove around the university district looking for a Nepalese restaurant I had heard about.

The restaurant was long gone, so we ate at the Indian restaurant that had taken its place.

Difficult emotions can make even the best food taste like sand. I can’t remember the taste of anything. I guess it’s a lamb curry, channa masala and a coconut chicken curry. It looks beautiful. It must have been delicious.

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