mazatlan sunday

Whenever we asked people where we should go for menudo, they all said, “Pancho’s!” With an exclaimation point. And without a trace of doubt. Pancho’s looked like a giant Denny’s. There was a long line, but it moved swiftly.

Pancho’s. Pancho’s is located south of Suites Las Flores, overlooking the beach, at the end of the Las Cabanas shopping mall. Pancho’s opened with only a couple of tables. The lights would dim every time they hit the blender to make a margarita. But that was long ago. Pancho’s has grown, and grown, and grown again. It’s another local success story.

In the front of the house were samples of all of the breakfast specials. I just about cried when they came and took the menudo away.

There was more Tiki Room decor

You can stave off the hunger while you wait by buying pan dulce from a cart.

The crepes were unusual, stuffed with french toast, which wasin turn stuffed with queso fresca. The cheese was very sour, although Bob liked the strange interplay of flavors. And again with the stewed fruit.

They were sympathetic when they saw my distress over just missing the last of the menudo by that much. I asked if they just had a little broth I could try. Bless their hearts.

It was the best menudo I have ever head. The menudo here in Los Angeles consists of a heavy, smoky, beefy broth heavy on the chiles. This was a light chicken broth strongly tasting of fresh hominy and the lightest touch of tripas. It was delicious. Next time we’ll have to get there earlier.

When I went in search of the powder room I discovered the giant hall we were seated in was matched by another giant hall. And an upstairs covering the entire expanse of the building. No wonder that liine moved so quickly. And no wonder they ran out of menudo.

There was a panaderia attached to the restaurant

With some trippy cakes

I had spent the morning watching our last sunrise on the beach. I don’t know why there were easy chairs on the restroom roof

The skies reminded me of impressionist paintings

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