Mazatlan Wednesday: Tortugas

Wednesday I finally started acting like I was on vacation and had brunch by the pool.

In addition to the usual breakfast treats there were really good marlin empenadas. They were cooked with lots of pasilla in a lardilicious flaky pastry crust that was similar to Cuban pastels.

We had lunch at El Bambu, which is known for their cabreria skirt steak special. The queso fundido arrived topped with an intense and smoky chorizo.

I made the mistake of ordering my steak medium rare. There really should have only been one option – charry. The medium rare was chewy and bland.

But the well done was nice and charred and flavorful.

They were playing that cool old Mexican music that sounds like it should have been played in the circus in the 20s. But we were divided by the language barrier and there was no name for the music other than “the old music”. I should have just stolen the casette tape.

We went to the local Aquarium and watched a man molest a nurse shark and sea turtle.

This bone looks like a giant mask

There was a little museum like the Cabrillo Museum used to be….like a museum of everything that has ever washed up on the beach.

I asked the people at the aquarium if they knew where they liberate the sea turtles. She told me to wait but after a bit another woman came out with a familiar cooler and a familily trailing behind. So I just started following them We walked down a quiet street, passed a lake, and walked up a big hill. We started hoping I had not misread the situation.

But we finally arrived on the beach and were able to free the turtles and watch them awkwardly toddle off into the sunset.

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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