Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax: DuPars

DuPar’s has been a Farmer’s Market institution since 1938. The Naylor family, as in Tiny Naylor’s, reopened this location in December after what appear to be minor renovations, primarily the removal of the counter and the addition of an outdoor dining patio. Holding down the Southwest corner of the Farmer’s Market, DuPars can be accessed through a secret back alleyway from the food court.

DuPars is one of those places that has made being trapped in a time warp cool. The pies are the same, the menu is the almost the same, and the waitresses are still wearing the same trippy old-fashioned uniforms.

DuPar’s is known for their pancakes, but the real draw here is the pie. I have never had a real meal at this location. I have eaten at the Studio City location and wasn’t that impressed. It was all your basic grub, nothing wrong with it, but nothing spectacular. The pies ARE spectacular. Like most places that you frequent often, I have a “route” that I travel through the Farmer’s Market. It always starts with a catfish sandwich at the Gumbo Pot, and on special occasions, it ends at the outdoor to-go pie counter at DuPar’s. Pies glisten like jewels under the glass, and the splurge is often irresistible. Luckily they sell some cute little mini-pies so you don’t have to go whole-hog if you are guilty and indecisive. DuPars is willing to meet you half-way.

The other day I picked up a mini cherry cheesecake. The center is creamy and light; it is not a dense cheesecake. But it’s not a bunch of whipped fluff either. It is just right. Even though they are smaller in diameter, the little pies are the standard height, so it cut up nicely into four normal-sized slices. Although there was some bickering as to the evenness of those slices.

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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5 Responses to Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax: DuPars

  1. DL says:

    I am a Dupar’s fan. I was a little disappointed in the custard pie, being a native east coaster, but their pie is better than the 4&20s, any day.

  2. Kiki Maraschino says:

    So far the best custard pie I have found is at The Wheel Inn in Cabazon.

  3. gina & heath says:

    Never had the pie at Dupars. Like you, I find the food pretty generic and unimpressive. Next time I’m in the Dupars area I’ll for sure stop in for a slice!


  4. AM says:

    Ooh, DuPars is open again?? Will check it out when I come to LA.

  5. italianfish says:

    I live across from Dupar’s and eat there frequently. Since it’s remodel they have raised their prices but during the week (before 11) they have specials that include pancakes! The pancakes are fantastic – there is no doubt about it.
    I’d say their food is not so good. The turkey in their club sandwich my dog won’t even eat when i bring it home. But – you can’t go wrong with pancakes and eggs and their coffee.
    The service is ALWAYS poor unless you get Juan. He works hard and is very attentive but forget the other workers. They must not get paid well or tipped well – because they prefer to talk to each other then to work (unless the owner or female manager is there).
    The pies? Forget it. Go to Marie Callanders instead on wilshire.
    the traveling fish. net

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