Roadtrip Classics Central Cali 3

Back in Cambria, we went into a little used bookstore. The prices were outrageous. I figured if the owner was that picky, she was the person to ask for restaurant recommendations. She recommended the Main Street Grill, which sounded kind of corporate. From the facade, the building looked kind of corporate.

But on the patio was a humongous Santa Maria-style wood-burning BBQ pit. It was the biggest Santa maria BBQ I have ever seen. Even bigger than the ones I’ve seen pulled by trucks. It was covered with slab after slab of ribs. The patio itself was flush with bikers…always a good sign at a BBQ.

The pork ribs were expertly handled, as were the beef ribs, but I just tend to prefer pork. The sauce, which I ordered on the side, was slightly sweet, but well-balanced by a little kick. No single flavor predominated. The beans tasted strongly of green pepper and were closer to chili beans than BBQ beans. Although green pepper was a little heavy-handed, I appreciated the effort to make the beans special, instead of just lazily dumping in BBQ sauce as many places seem to do. I savored the crisp garlic bread, in spite of the lack of an obvious garlic flavor. My nephews were extremely pleased with their monster hamburgers. The only unsuccessful dish was the pulled pork, which had too much sauce mixed in, making it too sweet.

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