Day 2 Sunday: Farewell Vancouver Stanley Park and the Elbow Room

Monday my mom and the neighbors went out for a leisurely breakfast while I slept late and made do with the leftover pastries from Mary Anne’s shopping excursion the day before.

Monday morning we took a quick tour around Stanley Park. I always forget how beautiful the city is. As I child I spent my summers here, usually on the island. I always imagined that if I ever left LA, Vancouver would be my new hometown.

I don’t mind vacationing in risky areas

as long as giant, irradiated ice cream cones are the result

After checking out of the hotel, Ralph was craving a hamburger, and I knew exactly where to get him one. Mary Ann and I left Ralph and Mom to watch the luggage and headed back to The Elbow Room. Armed with everyone’s requests, I placed the to-go-order over the phone and it went something like this

Hi, I’d like to get 4 burgers. Could I get 3 with grilled onions?
Sure. We can grill them up for you honey
And on the other one, just ketchup and relish
They come with tomato lettuce and pickle. We don’t have any relish
Ok do you have packets of mayo and ketchup
We really don’t have that kind of thing. Are you really sure you want to eat here, hon?
Yes, I really, really do.
OK. Hash browns?
No fries?
OK hash browns

We finally got the order and brought back thick, juicy, peppery burgers of perfection on cheese Kaiser rolls with delicious little O’Brien potatoes. Ralph asked, “They really don’t serve French fries? Are you sure they didn’t just want to get rid of the hash browns?” I said, “YOU go talk to the lady.

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