4th of July in Leimert Park

4th of July the parking lot behind Vision Theater was home to Leimert park’s annual jazz festival. Music, dancing, and shopping were main attractions.

But the real question was – what was there to eat? Marilyn’s had a stand there, and it was nice to not have to wait in a line around the block for once. The turkey leg was probably the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile. The sides were satisfactory, but paled in comparison to the tender turkey.

Shabazz had the wings and fish cooking, but we were more interested in the bean pie man. Although this cobbler looked out-of-sight, the blueberry pie is a rarity and you’ve got to get it while you can.

The sun was merciless, so we took a break in 5th Street Dicks for some smoothies and ended up hanging out in the AC to watch Dave Chapelle with everybody.

There is a promising new creole restaurant opening up in the site of the “fake” M&Ms.

Dray’s BBQ is there at the Farmer’s market every Saturday morning. We picked up some ribs and a tri tip sandwich for the road.

People showed varying degrees of patriotism via T-shirt

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