Oh Canada! Sunday: I Go over Niagara Falls

Sunday the weather was on our side and my mom, Auntie Jeanette and I were able to take a helicopter tour over Niagara Falls. So technically speaking, I went over Niagara Falls – sans barrel.

The view from outside

The view from within

This is my favorite place by the falls. I don’t want to see the gorgeous view from across the water. I like to stand right at the edge, a breath away from going over.

I love the “world’s biggest” anything!

This building looked like a bucket of KFC (Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a KFC to me!)

We looked around a bit, and everyone was patient while I snapped some pics of the local Buddhist monastery.

We hitched a ride back to Newmarket with my cousin and his wife. When the subject of lunch came up, there were vague murmurs of Tim Horton’s emanating from the back seat. What is up with Tim Horton’s? Are they putting crack in it? But no one wanted to be the one to make a fuss. I sensed a sudden power vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum. I pulled out my list of restaurants and seized the reins. California sandwiches, a new place I had heard good things about, was conveniently on the way.

As we sat at a stoplight I noticed a Tim Horton’s. Curses! I tried to decide whether or not to fake a seizure. But the resulting uprising was easily quelled without the need for diversionary tactics.

It turned out California sandwiches was closed Sundays, but it is so popular we weren’t the only ones standing in the parking lot. Another thwarted customer recommended Francesco’s Foods just down the street on Clayhill, which turned out to be a real find.

Francesco’s veal and chicken cutlets were crispy and delicious, topped with melted cheese and marinara sauce.

The steak sandwich was mind-blowing. The meat was so tender. I was so focused on the veal cutlet when I ordered I didn’t even notice they had panzarotti. My loss.

I asked Rae, at the counter, what cut of beef they used for the steak sandwich. He came back with, “What? You want me to give you the recipe for the red sauce too?” I love a challenge. We bantered back and forth for a little while and finally he showed me where the cut was on his own body (Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy). I looked up and realized everyone else was sitting in the car, purses in laps, staring straight ahead. Wait! We can’t leave yet! I’m over here falling in love! And what is the secret to the red sauce?

Back in Newmarket, I found a coffeshop with wireless so I could start uploading photos. On the way home, I asked the taxi cab to take me somewhere good to pick up something to eat. He took me here. It was in a strip mall with an adult bookstore.

Proximity to New York definitely paid off.

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