Oh Canada! Friday: Bye Bye Buffalo

Friday I headed over to Charlie the Butcher’s. You place your order at the counter where the day’s side dishes are displayed. The set-up allows you to ogle the carving station from anywhere in the restaurant. An old man sitting near me heckled the carver, “Slice it thicker!” It wasn’t even his sandwich. You tell ’em, old boy!

My roast beef arrived in big slices so tender it was nearly falling apart. The beef is served on a weck (kummelweck), a kaiser roll dotted with kosher salt and caraway seeds. It is without a doubt one of the top five sandwiches I have ever eaten. If I had never been to New Orleans, it would probably be number one. Various mustards and horseradish are available to gild the lily.

Charlie’s a butcher – not a baker

Did anyone else see The Shining?

Right across from Charlie’s was another graveyard. Seriously, they just find me. I remember as a kid begging my dad to stop at a cemetery on a boring car trip. He said, “Someday you’re going to spend an awfully long time in one of those places. I don’t see any reason to start now.”


I stopped off at my hotel and decided after missing my last ride, I should call the next cousin early to organize Saturday’s transportation. It turned out there was a huge festival in Niagara Falls that weekend and he could pick me up in a few hours at the rental car place while shopping. Rock concert? Tasting booths from local restaurants? You don’t have to ask me twice. Of course I didn’t realize that by leaving I would be missing the world’s biggest fish fry. Dang.

I packed faster than I have ever packed in my life so I wouldn’t get charged an extra night. In my haste I left the Purple Haze in the minifridge, as well as forgetting my favorite wooly sweater. Sometimes it seems like I spent last month steaming across the continent leaving articles of clothing and artisanal cheeses in my wake.

On the way to Niagara Falls, I would be passing a Ted’s. The first Ted’s was opened in a tool shed in 1927. I’m like a kid hearing the siren song of the ice cream truck. I am just not responsible for my own actions. “Ermm, sorry I’m late. There was this foot-long calling my name…” I could only finish half of my charcoal-grilled dog. I was still full from lunch at Charlie’s. An embarassment of riches.

I bought a jar of their amazing spicy-hot pepper relish, but was disappointed to discover that they don’t can them, so the relish has to be kept refrigerated.

How creepy is this motel?

I love bridges!

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