Copenhagen: Skt Petri and its Environs

The buffet breakfast was unrivaled. There was even an entire section devoted to vegan offerings.

And my favorite, a full English fry-up

as well as the usual granola/meusli bar

After breakfast, we wandered around the neighborhood checking out the architecture and ended up in Gammeltorv, Copenhagen’s oldest square. The town hall was located here from 1479 until it burned down in 1795. I figured out a complicated way to transfer the Krone to a USD. Just ignore the last number, double the first two and remove 1/4. If something is 115 Krone, it’s 11 x 2 = 22 minus 1/4 = $15. In general, Copenhagen was much more affordable than Stockholm. That may be because our hotel in Sweden was in a commerce center with nice places to take business associates out to lunch. Whereas in Copenhagen we were right by the college, so there were lots of little places to stop in for a delicious bite. So that is your budget travel tip of the day:

Stay near colleges!

And of course some window shopping.

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