Vancouver: Ricky’s

We did stop at a chain diner for breakfast. Ricky’s diner has “evolved into one of Western Canada’s premiere, mid-scale family restaurants. And we’ve achieved this by offering a delectably impressive menu selection in a comfortably modern environment…”

I had to try the breakfast of 3 eggs, 7 perogies and Bavarian sausage with toast. Bavarian sausage is kind of like Polish sausage. The perogies were really delicious for a chain. Perogies are seriously underrated, The Southland needs a really good perogie place.

I think my nephew got “The Works” omelette – Ham, Portobello and button mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and 3 cheeses, topped with a slice of bacon

No one went for the super-Canadian “benny” their version of an eggs benedict. Back bacon, eh? “With two strips of maple bacon and sliced tomato” It should come with a Molsons.

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