Where to eat in Leimert Park

Ackee Bamboo serves up delicious Jamaican food in a cozy diner atmosphere.

Cafe Soul fries some of the best catfish in town.

Mama’s House for catfish, smothered meats, greens, and chicken wings the size of bats.

M&Ms Soul Food a breakfast classic, with some of the best yams in the city.

Shabazz Good Foods is the place to get your bean pie. The fish sandwiches are pretty good as long as you’re there, but it’s all about the bean pie.

This is a review of the Crenshaw and Adams location of Phillip’s BBQ.

Phillips is a legend, a monument in LA BBQ. And this one is the original. Some people claim that the sauce at the Leimert Park location is far superior to the sauce at the other two locations. Tender ribs slathered in those complex, multilayered sauces – who cares if you have to eat standing up?

And yes, Phillips still has signs everywhere.

Papa West is a new brunch spot in the location that was formerly Augustines.

The “rogue” M&Ms is closed now

Newly opening in its place is Creole restaurant New Orleans Vieux Carre.

Next-door to the M&Ms at Crenshaw and MLK stands a distinctly South LA phenomenon — the Louisiana Chicken/Chinese restaurant.

The atmosphere at 5th Street Dick’s Coffee and Jazz Emporium is easy and comfortable. The original location closed in 2000 when Richard Fulton passed away, but was re-opened around the corner on Degnan in 2005. There is always a welcoming vibe, whether everyone is gathering around to watch Dave Chapelle together, or hosting an impromptu dance lesson. The air-conditioned room provides cool respite on a hot day, and they make a mean banana-berry smoothie.

Babe and Ricky’s Inn was founded in 1964 on Central Avenue, and moved to its current location in Leimert Park in 1997. Laura Mae Gross, who locals and musicians call “Mama” is a darling who will even give up the secrets to her fried chicken if you’re nice, but don’t step out of line. The bartender is super-friendly, and the bands are like family. The club is only open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Around 10:30pm a big soul-food buffet appears, with black-eyed peas and hot links in a spicy jezebel sauce. The buffet is rounded out with greens, juicy fried chicken and festival bread that is a nice surprise.

The sign says it all

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I like catfish. Sure, we all like catfish, but I think for me it is somehow deeper.
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    you know how i feel about ribs but i like Leimert park.

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