Copenhagen: “Sporvejen” The Burger Bar of the City

The burger bar of the city “Sporvejen” is a cute little diner opened in 1975. Two old city trams were disassembled and used to fashion the charming interior. But it was a gorgeous night when I visited, so the inside was empty and the patio was crammed. There were a lot of college-aged groups having a fun time. It was a great, comfy place with friendly service that made me feel at home in an unfamiliar city.

There is a certain element to “American”-style places that means “gigantic.” Kind of like we see Texas. I ordered a Diet Coke and my server asked what size. I said, “The biggest size.” Because in Europe you get tiny cups and keep having to ask for refills. He kept asking me, “Are you sure you want the BIG one?” After convincing him that was what I wanted, I saw the reason for the questions. A group next to me asked if they could take a picture. Don’t order beer in a boot unless you know what you’re doing.

Besides enormous sodas they serve draft beer, café latte and a cocoa-type rum drink called a Lumumba. There was a wide variety of burgers. Some were obvious, like “guacamole burger” and some less so, like Karryburger. My server explained them all and I settled on a curry burger. I wanted to try something different and he assured me it wasn’t too strong. He was right and it was one of the best damn burgers I’ve ever had, thick and juicy, and impossible to finish. The fries were thick steak fries and served hot.


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